Palm House Wellness Spa


Palm House Boutique Hotel & Spa celebrates the beauty of Wellness through bespoke treatments carefully created by an internationally qualified therapist. Pure and premium natural products from leading holistic wellness brand, Healing Earth, are used in the memorable treatments that nurture both the body and soul by harnessing the restorative powers of Africa’s rich natural resources, such as minerals, flowers, herbs or natural oils. Embark on a Journey and relish the benefits of everything Palm House Boutique Hotel and Spa has to offer. From the healing properties of being grounded in stunning Cape Town surroundings, to holistic wellness ceremonies, and a global-fusion culinary experience inspired by executive chef Gerard van Staden.

Our spa is open from Monday to Sunday between 10:00 and 19:00

Palm House Wellness Spa


Discover the luxury of Palm House Boutique Spa, where our bespoke treatments feature pure and premium natural products sourced from Healing Earth. These products harness the restorative powers of Africa’s rich natural resources—minerals, flowers, herbs, and natural oils—to nurture both body and soul. Embrace the benefits of nano gold technology, heated poultice therapy, rose quartz crystal, Jade stone, CBD, bellabaci cups, and microcurrent—a selection meticulously chosen to elevate your spa experience.

Our Wellness Products At Palm House
Wellness Bottom 1
Wellness Bottom 2
Wellness Bottom 3
Wellness Bottom 4

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10 Oxford Street, Wynberg
South Africa

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